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Specimen Transport

Universal Courier has been serving the Medical Industry since 1984. Our clients include one of the top Medical Campuses in Southern California, as well as Major Hospitals and Research Clinics.  They trust our specially trained drivers to transport their most delicate items on a daily basis.

General Services
  • Deliver Documents, Medical Equipment, Specimen, Medicine, Etc.

  • Scheduled Routes - Daily/Periodic Pick Ups From Pre-set Locations

  • Open 24/7

  • On Line Order Entry/Tracking available

  • STAT Service - For Emergency Deliveries

  • 90 Minute Service

  • 3 Hour Service

  • 5 Hour Service

  • Residential Pick Ups and Deliveries


You can have Prescriptions or medical equipment hand delivered to your patients or lab facilities at any time.  Our flexible service allows you to request a specific delivery time window, as well as alternate delivery locations. 

Specimen Transport

Universal Courier employs drivers who are trained in the handling of medical specimen.  All our medical drivers carry a lab tested and approved specimen transport tote.  Whether you have a pre-packaged, room temp., refrigerated or frozen specimen, just give us a call and let us take care of the rest.

Driver Training

We at Universal Courier understand the important and delicate nature of transporting medical related items.  Each of our drivers go through a training course on how to store and handle room temp, refrigerated and frozen specimen.  Their training also covers the proper use of medical bags, as well as HIPAA / HITECH laws and procedures. 

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