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A Blend Of Old Fashioned Customer Service And Cutting Edge Technology.

Universal Courier is a minority owned company established in 1984.  With over 35 years in the industry, we have successfully navigated decades of economic turmoil and ever expanding regulatory oversight by incorporating best business practices and maintaining our goal to deliver on the promise of excellent service.  We do this by incorporating a combination of good old fashioned customer service with the latest technology.  Although changing service requirements, delivery challenges and new innovations are a constant in today's business environment, Universal Courier will always be a company driven by people, communication, collaboration, transformation and above all...Service.



We believe that Excellent Service starts with Customer Service.  Various incentive programs help to ensure a highly motivated staff committed to meet and exceed our customers expectations.  Universal Courier is proud to have one of the lowest employee turnover rates in the industry.  Our office personnel and some of our drivers have been part of our team for 18 to 30 years.  They all share a bond with our clients and will go out of their way to help them succeed.  Unlike many other companies, all Universal Courier drivers are employees, not IC's and go through background checks upon hiring.  Their driving record is also checked on a monthly basis.



Caryl Millen


General Manager:

Edwin Valencia


Dispatch Manager:

Daniel Harris


In order to maintain outstanding service, Universal Courier leverages best-of-breed, not proprietary technology.  We constantly assess the newest approaches and technology, but never fall for the lastest fads.  Instead, we look for current innovations and how they can improve the quality of our services.  Only then do we integrate those technologies that enhance our proven processes and help us to better meet client needs.  On Line Order Entry, GPS Tracking, e-Billing and Two way data communications are just some of the tools at our disposal.



Environmental Consciousness

Universal Courier is constantly striving to become more environmentally friendly.  Over the past few years, we have reduced our paper consumption by over 80%.  By giving our clients the option of paperless billing, we aim to go even further.  Through the use of energy efficient equipment, removing unnecessary appliances and encouraging telecommuting, we have realized a large decrease in our energy consumption.

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